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[FREE]After Effects Cc – “Transitions” Masterclass

Boost your skills and act like a professional – Adobe After effects Cc

  • Take this comprehensive and step by step tutorial and learn everything about making new style transitions which is absolutely useful in music videos, films, advertisement, TV shows and etc.
  • This description and these tutorials are for the one who are really interested to be way future in their professional world compare to others. If you are the one who would like to have some unique and special videos, you should know that , one of the most important part of making a unique product is to know how , when, where and which kind of transition you have to use.
  • This proficiency in using the best transition for the specific part of the movie, is the skill which will help you to nominate and separate your work from the others and always be a winner in this field.

This tutorial is a perfect, complete and comprehensive transition package for any one.

  • Any person who is related to after effect, from the beginner who would like to pass the first step so quickly and be an advanced, to the advance skilled who would like to become familiar to the most up to dated transition.
  • It is also a perfect help to show the YouTube bloggers, designers or business men and women, how to create and present a unique and different videos on social media. This package talk about the ways which you can have some templates for using it regularly and selling your products.
  • This is one of the most complete and comprehensive tutorial which has been ever made for Adobe After effects Cc Transitions. So if you like to jump toward a great success don’t wait for anyone and start using this package.


Our transition package has three different categories, beginner, intermediate and advances. But the most amazing part is that I have provided the most complete Green Screen Package for you and you are able to download it. I have also provided a comprehensive tutorial, to show you, how to customize this 700 different transitions and make thousands of designs for yourself. Also I have provided more than 60 minutes transition for anyone who just wanted a ready transition to use it quickly and easily. So if you are short in time, don’t wait, take this opportunity which would be a huge time saving for you.

If you are not sure what kind of transition have been used in this or that movie, be sure that you will find your answer in these courses.

  • We have chosen a project based tutorial to show you what these transition will give you in a real projects. In each course I talked about even simplest tricks and tips that might be useful for you. I spend a lot of time to have an investigation through all the available tutorials and try to coves all the missing points in them.
  • I also focused on all the useful shortcuts and explained them to you one by one as I like to show you the tips of how to present yourself as an advance professional expertise.

So what are you waiting for?

  • Don’t wait for the success which is waiting for you. I am here to support you. Any kind of questions would be answered as my goal is to help you on your way toward your goals.

So please do not hesitate to be in contact with me and send me an email if you have any comments, critiques or suggestions about our online video courses.


  1. This course is for everyone, for the beginner to the advanced people. The one who is just interested in video making and transitions, and the one who takes it as their career.
  2. This course covers all the requirement of freelancers or Entrepreneurs, personal or commercial video makers, YouTube, Vimeo & Facebook Publishers and also home made movies.
  3. This course is absolutely useful for anyone who likes to produce professional videos. It is an easy but comprehensive package which helps you do any kid of transitions quickly and perfectly.
  4. The green screen package is a comprehensive package for anyone who is looking for ready to go transitions. By downloading one package in this tutorial, you can have 700 transitions. All ready to use or even being customizes. Quickly add to your video and have a perfect outcome.

Who this course is for:

  • All Levels

What you’ll learn

  • Step By Step Tutorial and Everything About Making New Style Transitions.
  • Help beginners to boost their skills and become an advanced one, and help the advance skilled to learn up to dated transitions to revolutionize the quality of their products.
  • From Beginner to Advance
  • Learn how to create more than 40 new, unique and up to-dated transitions which are really popular in films, TV shows, advertisements, music videos and etc.
  • Have an access to download the most complete green screen package with more than 700 various green screen layouts, and a comprehensive tutorial which are about how to use and customize them.
  • Learning most common and useful shortcuts to present yourself like a professional.
  • Have an access to a comprehensive, step by step and project oriented tutorials which shows you how to use different methods and techniques to have the newest transition for any kind of videos.
  • Build re-usable and sellable After Effects project files.
  • Working on some similar examples to the movies, advertisements and music videos.

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