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[100%OFF]Applied Machine Learning With R

About this Course

Machine learning is changing the manner in which we use data and training system. It has gradually spread it’s span through our gadgets, from self-driving cars to the computerized chatbots. To characterize machine learning in the most straightforward terms, it is essentially the capacity to prepare computers to think for themselves in light of the situations that occurs.

With machine learning now being part of all major businesses it is important for developers to get a hang of this amazing technology. Machine learning is a complex concept that uses algorithms to configure coding that will enable the computers to learn from lot of data. We have created a simple and easy course to help you learn ML and AI using R.

Our course on Machine Learning with R helps you understand the core concepts of machine learning followed by different machine learning algorithms and implementing those machine learning algorithms with R. At the end of this practical and hands-on course, you will have all that you need to really begin using machine learning algorithms and you will learn to add them in your own projects.

Lets have a look at the list of modules you will find in this course:-

  • Machine Learning concepts
  • Difference between Machine learning and Deep learning
  • R Tool (Installation and packages)
  • Tensorflow and H2O packages
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Decision trees and Text Mining

So what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity by enrolling your name and we will see you inside!


  • R programing
  • Machine learning


  • Learn to implement ML algorithms in R
  • Learn deep learning in R
  • Learn to build neural networks in R
  • Learn to work with decision trees

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