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[FREE] Azure Project-Based Hands-on Training

This course is designed for candidates looking to demonstrate foundational-level knowledge of cloud services of Microsoft Azure. The topics discussed in this course may indirectly help candidates in clearing Microsoft Azure Certification Exams as well.

This course can be taken by absolute beginners including candidates with non-technical backgrounds, such as those involved in selling or purchasing cloud-based solutions and services, or who have some involvement with cloud-based solutions and services, as well as those with a technical background who have a need to validate their foundational-level knowledge around cloud services and Azure.

The course is intended to help people learn Azure concepts quickly and give enough practice exercises to get them started with their cloud journey with specific focus on Microsoft Azure.

Why you should take this course

  • PDF Included: The slides used inside the course for explaining the curriculum of AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam has been edited and provided to you along with course. So no need to worry about preparing notes.
  • Engaging Explanation of Azure concepts
  • Real-world scenarios to help you master Azure
  • Important Azure Services Demonstration
  • Complete kit for learning Microsoft Azure in a project-based approach
  • Regular Test your knowledge exercises within lectures to validate your Azure knowledge

Important Content:

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Understand cloud concepts

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals:  Azure Architectural Components

Create Microsoft Azure Account and Azure Portal Walk-through

Azure Real-world Example to help you master Microsoft Azure at the same time help you in clearing Az-900 exam

Project 1 : Host a Static Website in Azure | Azure Blob Storage

Project 2 : Deploy A Website on Azure Virtual Machine

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to Azure Fundamental Concepts
  • Learn Cloud Computing using Microsoft Azure
  • Recommended for Job Seeker looking for a carrier in Cloud
  • Learn an important and mandatory in-demand Cloud Computing skill

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