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[FREE]Blender: Create visual effects with advanced compositing

Learn how to create awesome visual effects in blender, this course will teach you everything you need to know about camera tracking/matchmoving, adding realistic fire effects into footage using procedural node based volumetric materials.

Integrate cgi into footage using advanced node base compositing techniques

This course will teach you how to integrate cgi into your footage using advanced compositing techniques in blenders compositor this course also doesn’t require you to use any other software everything is done in blender 2.8. Node based compositing will cover everything including how to create realistic lens dust/ dirt elements and add them on top of our footage. This course will also cover color grading and better matching our footage to our cgi.

Learn about color management and how to use it to your advantage

This course will teach you how to keep everything in scene linear and will also teach you about color management, and how  to use blender to it’s full potential.

Use node based procedural materials to generate fire quickly

In the course a procedural fire material is provided and students will learn how to use this material to create procedural advanced fire effects and add them to our footage, this material is fully procedural and requires no baking time. Students can use all materials provided in the course in their own projects.

Everything in the course is organized in sections using a step by step approach All project files and materials are provided in the course

This course is packed with information with nearly 6 hours of content and will give students very good understanding of how to integrate cgi into footage.

What you’ll learn

  • create visual effects using procedural shaders and integrate them into footage
  • advanced camera tracking / matchmoving techniques
  • recreate footage geometry to mask out objects in scene
  • advanced composition techniques to better integrate cgi in camera footage
  • procedurally generate fire using volumetric shader to create fire and integrate it into our footage
  • at the end of the course students will be able to how to integrate cgi into footage with advanced node based compositing techniques
  • This course also covers how to better integrate cgi into footage by creating film grain, lens dust elements etc in blenders compositor.
  • students will learn how to use blenders camera tracker

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