[FREE]Building Web Apps Online with UnderscoreJS Course

UnderscoreJS is a powerful library for JavaScript developers which provides host of functional programming helpers to ease web development . It is the library which provide utility functions for common programming tasks. It has gained a lot of acceptance among professional web developers and following a great demand from our students we have created a standalone course which helps you learn this amazing tool from the ground up.

The course follows a simple and practical approach with concepts followed by coding examples. You will learn the underlying philosophy of UnderscoreJs and will be able to create web apps with underscore along with this course. This course also comes with a complete professional project which will help you assimilate everything you learnt during the course.

You will learn the following during the course:

Javascript – Get a quick refresher course in JavaScript

Array Functions – Learn about functions such as first and last, Comparing and Compacting functions, Range and Index Functions

Object Functions – Learn about Key Value functions, Clone, Matching and Pick functions

Collection Functions – Map and Reduce Functions, Collection and query Functions, Indexing functions

Utilities – Wrapping functions, Utility and Templating functions

Learn all this and much more on the other side of this course. So lets get started with your UnderscoreJS training


  • UnderscoreJS
  • Javascript


  • Use UnderscoreJs for Web Development
  • Learn the effective use of Underscore functions
  • Get to know the functional programming methodology
  • Build Professional Apps using Underscore JS

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