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[FREE]Core Java Interview Bootcamp

About Course

Hi everyone 🙂

Having you stop here simply means you are either preparing for a core java interview or want to know the most widely asked questions in the room. This course is intended for you folks, perfectly.

The course basically aims at providing an in-depth explanation to most continuously asked questions through very engaging animated PPTs. Whether it’s string, or exceptions, or multi-threading, I have got your back on most asked questions from these topics. The much important thing is the clear and concise clarity in explanations that you will get from this course.

Note:  1. The course is not intended for complete beginners! You need to have at least basic to intermediate knowledge of core java.

2. I will keep on adding brand new most asked questions regularly. So, this course is not just limited to a fixed number of questions!

Rest assured, you will enjoy this awesome Bootcamp with me.

See you in the course…

Over n Out 🙂

What you’ll learn

  • Most widely asked questions in the interview room with engaging animated videos
  • Complete in-depth reasons behind each and every answer

Who this course is for:

  • Java developers preparing for interviews



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