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[100%OFF]Python For Beginners: Learn Python Using Hands On Examples


What will you learn in this course?

· Demand Of Python programming is very high

· You will start learning from the basics of Python, such as: command line, numbers, list and more.

· Data Types In Python

· Flow of control – Conditional statements, looping statements and jump statements with a number of examples explained line by line.

· In depth working of Functions, Boolean, Operators

· Python Data Types – Variables, Strings, Lists, Tuples in complete detail.

· Python Statement and Comparison Operators

· Hands On Python Programming

Why this course?

· Hands On learning is one of the most effective way to learn programming.

· This contain practical videos as well as theory and basics

· Awesome Quality HD Video content.

· This course is easy to learn and updated

· Get some unique and most useful Python lessons


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