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[FREE]SQL Server Performance Tuning


The most common problem of working with SQL is, performance problems. Most of the developers don’t know how to write well-performing queries. So in time, this problem grows and becomes a problem for both the developer and the company.

This course will teach you how to tune your SQL statements and database step by step for a perfect performance! You will learn how to write fast, reliable and secure queries. Besides, you will learn the database architecture and will be able to optimize the database workloads.

Once you complete this course, you will recognize the database terms better and will use the most appropriate one for the performance.

In this Course you will learn below topics:

  1. Row-based vs. Column-based Indexes
  2. Row-based Index Concepts
  3. Choosing the Clustering Key
  4. Clustered Index Internals
  5. Nonclustered Index Internals

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