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[100%OFF]The Complete Guide to Effective Email Communication


Email is an vital communication tool in many different industries and professions. No matter what role you play in an organisation, the ability to write an effective email can help you better convey your message and successfully convince others to follow your proposal or idea.

This course aims to provide a complete guide to effective email communication by analysing email drafting in  a structured manner. By studying this course, you will learn the following core skills in drafting your email:

  • Applying 7Cs in communication to effectively deliver your message;
  • Analysing the culture and context in email communication and how it affects the way an email is drafted;
  • Applying the appropriate language and format of an email depending on different cultures and contexts; and
  • Understanding the communication model and how to avoid common pitfalls in email communication. 

After studying this course, you can be much more confident when clicking the “Send” button of an email!Who this course is for:

  • Project team member, Business executive, Coordinator, Anyone who sends email on a daily basis.

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