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[FREE]Unrevealed Secret Dos commands for Ethical Hackers

☸ Welcome to ” Unrevealed Secret Dos Commands for Ethical Hackers  !” ☸

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This course is going to reveal the secret DOS commands which can be used to perform the Advanced Operations on the System . 

From this course students will learn the following concepts :- 

  •  Learn to manage known & unknown processes .
  •  Learn to Manage hard disk to improve Performance .
  •  Trick to Recover corrupted Hard Disk / Pen drives / Memory Card .
  •  Learn to use command redirection Operators .
  • Learn to Hide files / folders in such a way that no one can find in windows .
  • Learn to gather system information about local as well as remote Machines. 
  • Learn to  Monitor the known & unknown Active Internet services in Depth
  •  Administering the Network services .
  •  Interacting with windows Registery .
  •  Interacting with Windows NT service controller and services .
  •  Learn to using the task schedulder .
  •  Learn to access PC Remotely .
  •  Auditing your PC for Computer viruses and Hacker Attacks .

Who this course is for:

  • Hackers
  • Programmers
  • Web Developers
  • Network Administrators
  • System Administrator

What you’ll learn

  • After this course students will able to perform the Advanced Level Operations on the System without use of any kind of third party software . This is the exciting & Fun part of the Course

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