[FREE]Whatsapp Automation: Whatsapp Bots Using Python & Twilio

Being able to help customers on the platforms big companies use daily is multiple tools & products for increasing engagement and enhancing the customer experience. Engagement helps them to drive their customers to take the actions that lead them down the sales funnel.

It also is important for building trust and loyalty. As a professional employee when you create your own WhatsApp bot, you will get advantage to work or sell your products to these companies immediately.

This course will make you industry ready to rock-n-rollĀ  the automation industry,

What you’ll learn

  • How to use automation using Whatsapp .
  • Students will learn how to create help desk oriented Whatsapp bots using python .
  • Python & Flask web framework will be used for coding
  • Students will learn how to code and integrate twilio api with local python code
  • How to use mongodo as backend database for the flask application and how to use with whatsapp.

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